Where have They Gone?

After a long absence of school trips due to COVID-19 SIS students are finally getting to experience field trips with their entire grade. MYP, students – grades 6 through 9 are all getting the chance to enjoy their last weeks of school by traveling to different grade specific locations. Here are some quick tidbits of information from your advisors.


Illustrator Gaëlle B.

6th Grade:

Starting with the youngest, grade six will be going to Boda Borg in Karlskoga. Their planned activities include exciting quest rooms (similar to escape rooms) which will put your intellectual and physical skills to use. At Boda Borg students will find a mobile rock climbing wall, SegWays and bendy bicycles. Students also get the chance to swim and get towed on a tube by speedboat at the local lake. In between activities their meals will be served in the dining hall and they will sleep in cabins. Mr. Roets says that only one thing is mandatory –  “Each and every student is to bring a positive attitude and be ready to have fun.” He’s also excited to see students “Realise that they can have the BEST time without having to worry about the digital world and to have each student experience something that they have never done before and learn that they are each more capable than they thought they were.”

7th Grade:

Year sevens are going to Västerås where they will take part in various activities. The two most anticipated activities which students look forward to experiencing together seem to be the Kokpunkten Adventure Pool and the Jump Yard trampoline park. If that isn’t enough, they will also be visiting Engsö Castle, Silver Caves and an Escape Room. Students will be staying at the Scandic Hotel where they will enjoy a hotel breakfast each morning. Ms. Kankaanpää describes it as, “a great chance to celebrate the year together.”

8th Grade:

Grade 8 will be visiting the largest zoo in the Nordic region, the Kolmården Zoo. Students will have the opportunity to experience lots of exciting activities and adventures. They will learn about the background and history of the park, how it helps preserve the animals that have come to the zoo due to different circumstances as well as how the animals are taken care of. At the same time, students will participate in different team-building activities and stay in their own cabins. Students will not  only learn about biology of the different animals, but also ride roller coasters, including the famous Wildfire that Mr de Pablo says everyone is looking forward to.

9th Grade:

Last but not least, the ninth graders will travel to Utö. The students will have a packed schedule filled with different activities. They will start off with some team building, and cycling to get to know the Island. There will also be a guided tour of the mining village in order to learn about the history of the island. Their  activities will also include kayaking, bumper football, sumo wrestling and preparing lunch using a Muurikka (a type of outdoor cooking pan). They also get the chance to relax with a SPA and sauna evening. Ms. Maroko explained, “As this will be a trip before many of our students leave us for other schools or countries, we really want them to enjoy the team activities and challenges so they can look back with fond memories of their middle school years.