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The Quirky Quibbler

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High Points & Adventures on Outing Day

To kick-off at the year the MYP students spent a day getting to know to each other and creating memories for the year. The QQ reporters bring you highlights from these adventures.

Reaching New Heights – Grade 6

During the first week of school, our brave Grade 6 students embarked on a journey into the woods, drifting into the thick forest of Lida high ropes. These woodlands, situated in the south west of Stockholm which welcomed the little ones last week for an unforgettable start to their secondary school studies.

Signe, one of the grade 6 students, particularly enjoyed the ziplines, while Marta thought that climbing the high ropes was the best experience because of the teamwork between her friends and classmates. This mutual help was emphasised when Arjun and Owen helped each other complete the courses by helping each other. Wonderful teamwork guys! Friendship and partnership were the key to conclude the obstacles up on the trees.

When asked where they would like to go next year, Gröna Lund was a no-brainer along with water parks.

We wish all the grade 6s the best school year !

Gioia S.

Venture to Äventyrsbanan – grade 7

To kick off their second year in MYP, the 7th graders traveled to “Äventyrsbanan” in Nacka, where nestled amidst the quiet Swedish treetops lies the high ropes course they would soon traverse.

For many of the 7th graders, their first experience on a high ropes course was far from easy, as wobbly platforms and shaky bridges tested their every step. This was the case for Lia S. and Avantika C..

“Climbing was the most fun part, but it was also really terrifying because we were scared of heights,” said Lia. 

Although the 7th graders were eager to step out of their comfort zones, if they could have changed one thing about the trip it would have been to walk less – a notorious drawback in 7th grade trips. 

However, for many of the students, it proved to be an enjoyable experience that helped create camaraderie among both new and returning students. Lia S. and Avantika C. strongly recommend this trip for the next year 7’s. 

Good luck this year! 

Carolina L.

Adventure at Accropark  – grade 8

Grade 8s embarked on a climbing course at the start of the school year, where they visited Accropark. 

Once they arrived at the destination the students put their safety gear on and listened to the safety instructions. After that the students were fully prepared they eagerly began their adventure.  They could choose from many activities such as  swimming, zipline and climbing. All had an enjoyable time at Accropark.  It was definitely a successful beginning for 8th graders and hope that this memorable experience at Accropark is the beginning of an incredible year.

Sreelehya M.

Kickstart to the New Academic Year! – Grade 9

This year’s 9th graders went on a trip to a ski mountain in Hammarbytoppen (SkiStar Hammarbybacken), Stockholm.They had to walk up the mountain and on top, there was a rewarding trampoline waiting for them, however some opted out because they were scared. 

There were many activities available for them including riding a ski mountain roller coaster, which most of them were highly excited for and enjoyed as well as  jumping on a trampoline. It was a long way up the mountain and down, some of the 9th graders didn’t like it but others enjoyed it. After they had lunch and ice cream to compensate for the energy they used going up the mountain.

Many 9th graders enjoyed the experience of climbing a ski mountain and also riding a ski mountain roller coaster. Here’s what they said: 

“It was a decent day, I really liked the ice cream after”

“I couldn’t go on the trampoline cause I was scared and it was really high.”

“I really liked the ski roller coaster.”

Sheila K.

Bowled Away – grade 10

The 10th grade students went to John Scotts, a bowling place in Kungsgatan. After bowling they played shuffleboard. Most of the students were so excited to experience bowling for the first time. The grade 10 students were so happy to be there because they played with their friends and had fun. There is a restaurant in the place, where students could buy drinks and snacks. Some comments by students were: 

“I had so much fun, it was my first time going bowling “ 

“I love bowling, I’m so happy we went bowling, but I was sad because we didn’t get ice cream or snacks”  

“Bowling is fun, but I was struggling to get points because the bowling ball was heavy and the floor was a little bit slippery so you have to be careful, if you are not careful are can fall and hurt yourself “

Momo R.

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