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Math Prep - Preparation for Math MYPs Competitions
Math Prep - Preparation for Math MYP's Competitions
Bruno R., Reporter

What’s happening during the lessons? During each class, students are just solving math problems on different difficulty levels. Together,...

Junior Girls Gold
Breaking Records and Soaring High
James B. and Varun G.

From challenges to triumphs, here is an inside perspective on the upcoming tournaments and the thriving sports community at SIS. Who is Mr....

The current multilingual section in the library with lots of empty space
Book in Many Languages - Multilingual books wanted
Akira I., Guest writer on behalf of grade 10 EAL

The Current situation The current situation in the library is sad. There are only a few non-English books available in the middle school. ...

Photo comp poster
Changing Seasons Photo Competition
Noemi L., Competition editor

Who has been enjoying the almost pitch-black darkness, which has taken over the city of Stockholm?  Not me, that’s for sure. Just a couple...

MUN Trip to Berlin
MUN Trip to Berlin
David L., Editor/Reporter

Nine of my fellow upper school students and I traveled to Berlin to partake in BERMUN (Berlin Model United Nations) hosted by the John F. Kennedy...

What was I Made for? – A Barbie Review

Have you been to see the Barbie movie yet? QQ reviewer, Gioia S., tells us what she thinks of this rose-tinted film.
Illustration by Gaëlle B.

Barbie, the latest movie released by Mattel, had everyone in a chokehold this spring, when it was first announced. Directed by Greta Gerwig, and starring various household names, such as Ryan Gosling , Margot Robbie and Kate McKinnon, this movie was a dream come true for little (and not so little) girls who were anxiously waiting for the release of the movie, which finally arrived on the 21st of July. 

Today, almost 2 months after the first screening in cinemas, it has become the highest-grossing movie of 2023. People from all over the world took the opportunity to dress up in pink when going to the cinema to see Barbie. 

As for the movie itself, it was nothing short of spectacular. We are introduced to the main character, Stereotypical Barbie portrayed by the one and only Margot Robbie, and her “sidekick” Ken, whose profession is ‘beach’. They both live in Barbieland, a country ruled by barbies, who have achieved equal rights and solved all feminism issues, and therefore always feel free to dance the night away. 

This all comes to a halt when something terribly wrong happens to Stereotypical Barbie, which causes her to fall flat on her feet. 

The movie recounts Barbie’s journey to the real world, where she realises that the Barbies’ job is not yet done. 

One might think that a movie entitled “Barbie” is just for younger kids, who still play with these dolls, but the intention was the exact opposite. This movie is perfect for all ages, and will leave you shedding a tear or two. An emotional, but very real take on feminism and motherhood, is what made this movie so relatable for many girls and women. 

The outfits, music, comedy, this movie has it all. If you still haven’t been to see it, then you should definitely make the time to go. Put on your pinkest outfit and join the rebellion against the patriarchy and horses!

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