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Undersecretary Generals Reflect on SISMUN 2024
Undersecretary Generals Reflect on SISMUN 2024
Selin T. and Sreelehya M.

David N. David has been a part of MUN since 8th grade when he first joined this school. He decided to aim for a position as a board member...

How does it feel to be multilingual?
How does it feel to be multilingual?
Sara A., Reporter

Qu'est-ce que ça fait d'être multilingue ? Personnellement, je suis Marocaine, mais j’ai grandi dans le système scolaire français, mais...

Reporters Bruno R. and Laura Z.
Multingualism Rules
Bruno R. and Laura Z.

The fleeting sun - the final winner (Captured by Lina (10C))
We finally have a winner for the QQ Photo Comp!
Noémie Littfass, PR

Congratulations to Lina (10C), for her picture capturing the magnificent ‘Fleeting Sun’. Her photograph truly caught the attention of many...

Kinship through Multilingualism
Kinship through Multilingualism
Noah R., Reporter

French Parler plusieurs langues différentes me permet de faire plusieurs choses. Premièrement, cela me permet de me sentir plus à l'aise...

Upcoming Movies: What to expect for 2024

Don’t know what to see at the movies? Selin T. has some suggestions.

Dune 2 (2024)

Dune 2, the sequel to the Academy Award-winning movie Dune (2021), follows on the cliffhanger that its prequel left on. Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet, goes on a thrilling adventure where he joins Chani and the Fremen on a journey to avenge the traitors who broke up his family 20 years ago. In order to prevent a terrible future only he can predict, he must choose between the love of his life and the fate of this dystopian world the movie takes place in. The synopsis alone sounds quite exciting and raises questions as to which path the protagonist will take. With the recognition the first movie gained, the sequel will deliver an equally if not more exhilarating experience as it captivates its audience with the continuing journey of Paul Atreides in the dystopian realm.

Click to view the trailer

Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two (2025)

Remember our previous article about why Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning is the best out of the series? Well, now it’s time to talk about the long-awaited sequel which is set to come out next year. This sequel is not only expected to surpass the sky-high expectations set by its prequel because of its inciting storyline, jaw-dropping stunts, and Tom Cruise’s return to the lead role of Ethan Hunt but also because it holds the key to resolving the cliffhanger from the previous installment that left viewers at the edge of their seats. Currently, there isn’t a trailer available for the film.

Spider-man: Beyond the Spider-Verse (2024)

Beyond the Spider-Verse serves as a sequel to the two-part story it creates together with Across the Spider-Verse. The movie follows the storyline of the prequel which left fans stunned with a cliffhanger ending. Expect to be reunited with fan-favorite characters such as Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, and many of the newly introduced alternative universe, or as the movie refers to ‘Spider-Verse’, characters. How will they prevent the Multiverse from being destroyed?

Click to view the trailer

Inside Out 2 (2024)

Remember the adventure Riley and her emotions embarked upon when her life took an unexpected turn? Now we get to follow Riley in her teenage years as she encounters new complex emotions. Get ready to meet Ennui, Embarrassment, and Envy in the new sequel set to come out early this summer.

Click to view the trailer 

Other noticeable mentions:  

  • Joker: Folie à Deux 
  • Mufasa: The Lion King
  • Beetlejuice 2 
  • Gladiator 2 
  • Mean Girls
  • A Quiet Place: Day 1 
  • Deadpool 3 
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