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Collage of Jumping into Spring photo competition entries
Joyful Jumping with our Spring Photo Competition

Poetry word cloud
Inspirational Poetry - The Toy Play
Ashwika S., Grade 10 Poet

The Toy Play  Inspired by Mid-term Break by Seamus Heaney     I pulled it to my side  So did he  Pushing and pulling the...

Inspirational Poetry - Not Smiling but Sinking
Inspirational Poetry - Not Smiling but Sinking
Luke M., Grade 10 Poet

Not Smiling but Sinking Inspired by: 'Not Waving but Drowning' by Stevie Smith   Unnoticed in the crowd, He walked with tears, his voice...

Inspirational Poetry - Drowning in Silence
Inspirational Poetry - Drowning in Silence

Drowning in Silence ‘Drowning in Silence’ inspired by Stevie Smith Not Waving but Drowning.   In deep waters, cries unheard, Faces...

Poetry word cloud
Inspirational Poetry - Amanda-Bell My Old Dog
Bryan H., Grade 10 Poet

Amanda-Bell My Old Dog Structure inspired by “Hope” is a Thing with Feathers- Emily Dickinson Writing inspired by Mid-Term Break- Seamus...

An Accomplished Array of Art at the House’s Exhibition

Noel C.

An Art Exhibition was hosted at Norra Latin by the house system in collaboration with the Arts department to showcase SIS’s incredible array of artists. Grades 6 through 11 had the opportunity to enter any form of art to be displayed with their fellow house members’ pieces. Additionally, the visual arts and media students presented their works by grade level. From a Titanic model well over two meters long to an incredible oil portrait, there was a remarkable amount of work put into this exhibition. 


Primary (Noel C.)

The primary students contributed to the exhibition through their spring house activities. Early Years and Kindergarten made the hand paintings and crafts on the top of the mural. Grade 3 created illustrations with items collected by the first and second-grade scavenger hunts. Finally, 4th graders composed beautiful poems out of the third graders’ illustrations. Altogether the primary made an impressive mural that can be seen on the image above. 

Grade 6

Quinn (Noel C. )

Quinn is a young artist who contributed to the art show by capturing three different aspects of nature through photography. She explained that her uncle is a professional photographer and he taught her how to properly take pictures. She now tries to take photos whenever she can, notably for competitions and events at school. Her three works were nature-oriented and this is heavily influenced by her interest in plants and flowers as well as taking pictures of things that do not usually get much recognition or attention. She is planning on taking media as a subject to pursue her passion for photography and is considering being a photographer as a career. 

Grade 7 

Kai participated in the house category of the exhibition with his model planes. He had only made them once prior to the exhibition’s final product and he came up with the design entirely himself. He doesn’t consider himself an artistic person however he is fond of planes which brought him to create them. It took him around a week to finalize the design and produce all of the planes to scale, with a cardboard core and a paper shell. He isn’t entirely sure of what he wants to do in the future, but he isn’t opposed to the idea of working in the aircraft industry. 

Surrounded by pinned paintings and photographs stood Lia’s doll Goryia. Goryia is a cardboard and paper doll with a toilet paper roll neck dressed in goth clothes. Lia loves the intricacy of dolls and she clearly paid attention to details when creating Goryia; from her tall shoes to her silver earrings Lia cared for every little detail. She created what she calls her more casual interpretation of the goth style. Dolls are usually more childlike and don’t explore many styles so Lia took it upon herself to create one in the style she prefers. Goryia is her first creation and she might soon be accompanied by a twin in a contrasting aesthetic. 

One of the first things one saw when entering the exhibition was a massive model of the Titanic split in the middle with a few references to the movie. Lorenzo originally created this cardboard vessel for a filming project last summer and decided it was worth bringing to the exhibition for some house points. He was definitely right to do so! He constructed it using cardboard, LED lights, duct tape, and electric tape to ensure it would be waterproof, and let’s not forget Lego Jack and Rose at the front of the boat (representing two of his friends). The entire construction of this boat took a few weeks of his time as well as an entire day fixing it after it was rained on when left outside. However, he is very happy with the results and would consider making one again. 

Grade 8

Grade 8 (Noel C.)

The portraits above have been drawn by the 8th grade as a means to communicate their identities. They are surrounded by what they find represents them displaying both their artistic abilities and what makes them who they are.

Grade 9

The ninth-grade art classes contributed to the exhibition through their drawn comic strips. Gaia and Gaby created the incredibly intricate pieces above.

Grade 10

Winter in Seoul is a photograph taken by tenth-grade student Yebum. He took the picture on the subway as it was passing over a river and submitted it to represent Earth House. He managed to both take this scenic picture and edit it on his phone. He is used to doing so as he enjoys photographing pretty scenes when he encounters them. He learnt how to edit by himself and found the editing software quite intuitive. Photography is something that he enjoys and does in school through media however it isn’t what he would like to make a career out of. 

Manav is an aspiring VFX artist who submitted his fascinating image of a natural phenomenon over a campfire for the air house. He focuses on surreal 3D art, and in this case, he explained the process as creating a story, figuring out the composition, creating models, and piecing every component together. His piece was a natural phenomenon people would go visit, similarly to the northern lights, in a forest. He started working with 3D art during COVID-19 and figured it all out on his own.  He hopes to use his skills in VFX and CGI for filmmaking, specifically the post-production of films. 

Grade 11


Noel, the photographer and artist from the QQ, had a few works on display at the exhibition, all from his art class. The one that caught the most attention was an oil painting of his mother in her early 20s on vacation. To most people’s surprise, this was only his debut painting with oil on canvas and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Due to this, he would definitely paint with oils again. Noel is clearly a very talented artist and would like to use his skills to work on video game design. 

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