The Color Run Night, “The Happiest 5k on the planet”

Isabella Ö. and Sofia W.

Last year in spring when the warmth had once again returned and the earth was starting to come back to life after a winter, the Color Run was held in Stockholm. The Color Run is a global event that is 5km in total. Every 1km you run you are met by cheers and a new color to add to your clothes-turned-artwork. This autumn, the Color Run was back in Stockholm, but this time the run was held at night. It was the same party as the last time, but with Blacklights and UV technology giving even more  life to the finish line festival and the run.

The Color Run Night Stockholm September 2015

At 7PM thousands of happy runners  prepared to light up night sky around Globen. People of all ages came together to share moments of true, color splashing, happiness. Loud music, shining tattoos, glow in the dark colors, black-lights, crazy costumes and a five kilometer run. That’s what the European premiere for the color run night is all about.

A group of over-excited teenage girls were already drenched in color, yellow, green, pink and orange, at the start of the run. Jumping up and down and singing at the top of their lungs they made their way to the starting line. Laughter filled the air as they join the thousand of other runners who were about to be sent out on a color filled journey. As they waited to be let out, they danced around, laughing and having fun. When it was finally their turn and they burst over the starting line, throwing themselves into the adventure they are about to embark on. Running, jumping, dancing and cartwheeling forward they made their way to the first color station.

After one and a half kilometers, they saw a bright light in front of them. A pink glow lit up the night sky ahead. The crowd rushed forward throwing themselves into the pink color. Volunteers were standing on the side, spraying runners with as much color as possible. The gang ran straight into the cloud of glowing pink color. As they made their way through they were  embraced by the color. 

More dancing, singing and laughing brought the girls another 1.5 kilometer closer to the finish line. They were now surrounded not only by happy runners but by a blossom of green. With an urge to get more color, they threw themselves on the ground, and rolled around in the color. 

As they made it to the finish line they were greeted by a group of cheering people and a glowing stage. The music shook the ground and the crowd jumped up and down to the latest summer hits. Color was being thrown, the night sky was glowing and smiles were painted on everyone’s faces. Thousands of people had experienced the happiest 5km on the planet and their faces truly showed it.

The purpose and goal of the Color Run is to encourage people all over the world to exercise whilst having a great time. It was founded in March 2011 in order to promote happiness as well as healthiness and has since inspired many new branches of color events that are spreading rapidly at an international level. The organization has raised over $4 million to over 80 different charities up to this day. Through making the run into something more than a race, it has managed to attract a wide range of participants that all vary in age and fitness and effectively worked towards making the world a happier place to be.

The experience truly honors the event’s motto “The happiest 5k on the planet”. It is a chance to let everything go and be your crazy inner-self. It is truly for everyone as there is no age limit or time taking which means that you can complete the course however you’d like. You can run, jog or moonwalk your way over the finish line. The important thing is that you have the time of your life while doing it. Then, after you have run the distance, you can join the Dance Party that awaits. Bring your friends and see the fireworks of colored powder lighting up the night sky next time they come around. Feel the beat of the music roaring through your body, and experience the freedom that the event brings.

Do you want to be one of the thousands of people who get to experience this color filled joy? The join us next time the color run is in town!

Price: Approximately 300-400kr

Included: HAPPY tattoo, Loka Crush, Blacklight headlamp, The Color Run Night black official t-shirt, a bag och colorpowder which glows in the dark, entrance to the run and to the Finish Line Festival.

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