Interviewing The SIS Wildlife Club!


The management of nature and of Earth’s biodiversity aims to protect species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extensive extinction and erosion of biotic factors. The conservation of nature is a global concern, and one that the Wildlife Club at SIS is proud to represent.

Wildlife Club is a CAS activity managed by Amelia H. and Dorothy W. in grade 12, who were kind enough to respond to the following few questions:

1. What is the goal of Wildlife Club?

The goal of wildlife club is not only to make a global impact on wildlife, but also the environment. We hope to raise awareness about this issue while also helping our members become activists that spread the important message of nature conservation.

2. What do you plan to achieve the coming year? Are there any especially important planned activities?

As we have only recently begun our work, we have had various ideas on how we plan to progress in our efforts to combat the degradation of nature. Some of our planned activities for the coming year include improving the cleanliness of Stockholm city, its parks, and forests, while also designing a relatively minor planting project for children. The latter activity aims to teach children the responsibility they carry in taking care of their surrounding environment. Other ideas are also being discussed and suggestions are very much welcome.

3. When do you hold meetings and what do you do?

Our meetings are held during morning breaks on Fridays from 10:30 to 10:45 in Annexe C, room C12. During the meetings, we discuss our planned activities as well as delegate different tasks to our members, such as updating our website, or researching measures to improve the conversation of nature in Stockholm.

4. Why did you found the Wildlife Club?

Wildlife club was founded, in part, to educate the SIS student body about the importance of preserving our surrounding nature. We also hope that Wildlife Club encourages both the SIS staff and student body to become more aware of the environment and what they can do to preserve it.

5. Does the Wildlife Club have a strategy for identifying areas of improvement and implementing those changes?

Any inquiries, or suggestions for improvement can be sent to us through the contact form on our website, which shall be published in the coming few days. If inquiries submitted are complex in nature, we may, in turn, contact the Wildlife Organisation to ask for a reponse.

6. How is the work of Wildlife Club communicated to the public? To members? To sponsors?

We have an online website where people can contact us and ask questions. We also use social media to showcase our efforts and work.

7. What challenges do you think may be faced by the Wildlife Club?

Some of the major challenges that we may struggle with is funding. However, we do hope that people donate to our cause and that our school provides some financial support as well.

If you would like to join Wildlife Club, do contact either Amelia H. at [email protected] or Dorothy W. at [email protected] It is currently only available to DP students as part of their CAS activities. Follow the Wildlife Club at @wildlifeclubsis on Instagram!