Bellevue Farm: How the Future of Farming Looks

The environment is the topic we’re currently talking about in English B class. Recently, we read a text about communal gardens and inner-city farming. These are revolutionary ways of farming that help make food production in the cities more sustainable, at the same time reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced while food is being transported over long distances. Communal gardens are run by communities and located inside cities. They’re becoming more and more popular in many places around the world. We have quite a few of them here, in Stockholm, but not many people know about them.

Bellevue Farm,  is one such communal garden, located in Bellevue Park in Norrmalm. The garden is run by a non-profit company called “Norrmalm’s Growers.”A group of people meets every week to cultivate the garden together. Running the garden is a something that engages the whole community. Apart from taking care of the garden, the members of the organization are trying to pass on knowledge about sustainability and urban cultivation.

Finding a place for the garden was a long process and a challenge. Finally, in 2016, the members of Norrmalm’s growers were able to start working on the garden. It is located in a beautiful area, but still in the city, with a lot of people living nearby. The garden is supposed to promote biodiversity but also be a place where neighbours can meet and bond. The most important aspect of the garden, however, is providing the neighbourhood with fresh, locally grown food.

The garden is not big; it is made up of several pallets and areas in which different vegetables are grown. There is a section for annual plants, which have to be planted every year. We can also find perennial plants in the garden. These kinds of plants bloom on their own every year. In that section, a variety of berries are grown. The waste from the garden is taken care of in the compost. Composting not only gets rid of the waste but also makes the soil more nutritious and provides more space to grow plants. The center of the garden is occupied by benches and a table. The pergola is a place where members of the gardening community share their knowledge, and where workshops and lectures are held.

Bellevue Farm is a place that everyone should see at least one time. It’s impressive to think that it was all made by people just like us, but with love for gardening and will to do that in their spare time. Growing vegetables or other plants in our gardens is not hard nor time-consuming and for sure worth trying out. Have a little fun and do good for the environment!

Information on the garden can be found on Facebook under Bellevue Farm and on its website in Swedish.