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Blogs, Vlogs and More!

The SIS student community is built up of students form all over the world with various different interests. Many of the students have been able to turn their interests and passions into a creative outlet for them to share their ideas, thoughts and creations. One of the great thing about the DP and MYP is that these programs allow students to be able to immerse their interests and talents into a meaningful experience. Many of the students have been able to turn their interests and passions into one of these experiences through a creative, digital outlet.

A group of boys in 11th grade have created a website and community called “Los Prontos” to share their passion for football. Working together, the boy have a website filled with information about football and their group, statistics of football as well as working on their very own podcast. If you are interested in football or want to know more about this group, the website they have worked together to create is here.

Sharing a similar interest in football, another boy in 11th grade has created his own football blog. On here, he shares his ideas, thoughts and information about matches and tournaments. Weekly posts are featured on the home page where you can follow his interesting and insightful updates about everything regarding the football world. Visit his blog here!

Youtube is a platform which, during the last 5 years, has exploded as a major social media platform. This is another way in which students at SIS have found creative ways to share their interests and ideas. A vlog channel by a boy in 11th grade features videos of his life in his mother tongue of Dutch! This shows just how diverse and free the creativity in the SIS community is, where students are able to express themselves in the way they feel most comfortable. Another youtube channel has also been made by an SIS student. A channel featuring both vlogs and gaming videos has been created by an 11th grader. The first channel can be found here and the second one here!

Another popular social platform is instagram, which an SIS student is using to share his ideas and interests. This 11th grader posts about something everyone could use at one point or another: inspiring and powerful quotes. His inspirational posts are truly “Success Ingredients” and can be found here.

Food is something which many people have an interest in, and want to share with others. Two 11th grade girls have created their own food blog, “Food Therapy” where they review restaurants in Stockholm. As many SIS students might be new to Stockholm, this would be a great blog to follow to get the best tips for local restaurants and cafés. Make sure to watch out for new updates here. Another 11th grader is sharing her passion for food by creating a waking blog where she shares her favourite recipes as well as tips and tricks for cooking and baking here.

School groups and students associations, such as the Gender Equality Association in the DP and the Nepal Project, have their own websites created by SIS students. The GEA is run by a group of 11th graders and if you wish to follow their process, and perhaps join their group in the future, visit their website for information about the work they are doing. The Nepal Project also has a website of information about the project, goals and events which can be found on the SIS website under the “Students” section.

These are just a few of the ways in which the tech culture is becoming more immersed into the SIS community. It allows us as students to share our passions and interests with others who share similar passions and interests. It is also a great way, especially for MYP and DP students, to connect their leaning and hobbies into a meaningful experience. We at the Quirky Quibbler look forward to more SIS students sharing their interests with the rest of the SIS community!