Scrumptious Sushi Just Around the Corner

My first impression from walking into the restaurant was that it was quite cozy with an environment which seemed more welcoming than the average sushi restaurant. After inspecting the menu, I saw they had a wide selection of dishes varying from fresh sushi to flavoursome noodles to Thai salads. I ordered 6 avocado nigiri rolls with 6 salmon nigiri pieces. With it came a flavourful goma wakame (seaweed salad), caramelised onions, ginger, and wasabi. It was aesthetically decorated with a flower and other small perennials. The sushi tasted quite good, especially considering the prices are quite cheap (about 115kr for my meal). The salmon, along with the avocado, was fairly fresh. The consistency of the rice was perfect in comparison to cheap sushi places whose rice is either too sticky or the opposite, where it deteriorate when you eat it.The restaurant itself was not busy as we were there around 4.00pm, however, the tight space would not be optimal for large quantities of customers. The location is optimal as it is in central Stockholm, beside popular streets such as Kungsgatan. The service was above average and our food was served not more than 15 minutes after ordering. Moreover, the staff was quite friendly and inviting.I would recommend coming to Pong for a quick lunch or as a convenient dinner. Obviously you can find sushi of better quality, however, it will be costly. Pong also has an app which you can order from which they recommended to me.

Pong Website (includes menu, pictures of restaurant/food, reviews, contact info)