Crisis in the UN Women’s Committee

A crisis has occurred in the UN Women’s Committee! Angola has been appointed as being the president of UN Women, this is seen as being highly controversial because there is a lot of gender inequality in Angola.

Speaking to the delegates from Angola we asked what their plan was. The Angolan delegation believes that the presidency is just and wish to defend their position strongly. They believe this, as Angola has a high female representation, and believe they are a better fit than the other countries. Whilst recognising the issues, they believe they are resolved. India, in response, stated that Angola has no gender development index. India also wishes to honour Pakistan as the most prominent candidate, to the surprise of many other delegates.

As quoted from a delegate from Angola ” we feel betrayed by India”. The UK took the floor next stating their bid for the presidency, stating that women held the position of prime minister in the UK and had a UN female representative. Angola called other delegations to ignore the bid of the UK due to their political instability.

The bid of the presidency by India was heavily questioned by the Angolan delegation. The delegation of the UK was also held under fire by both Angola and India for their bid of the presidency. The age of the Queen was often cited as being a cause of concern. The UK, therefore, responded with ” the queen will always remain in our hearts” but rejected the concern by other delegations reasoning it does not apply to the crisis.

The delegation of India accused the delegation of Angola of wanting to mislead the other delegations. The Indian delegation pointed out that the cited Angolan human index could not be correct, as they cited theirs being 148 whilst it only ranges from 0 to 1.

This crisis consisted of heavy back-and-forth debate between the Indian, Angolan and British delegation. Whilst these delegations were arguing the other delegates looked hungrily at the clock as lunchtime was approaching. The delegate from the Russian Federation took out a chocolate bar and sneakily ate a bit. Still, the delegations of Angola, India and the UK continued to debate. France brought up a good point – they were the most peaceful why not vote for them? The other delegations ignored them and kept on arguing.

Finally, the vote commenced. France received 3 votes, the UK 3 and Pakistan 1… then a surprise Angola also received 3 votes! Revote! In the end, France own the presidency!