Hectic Debate Sparks in Disarmament Committee

The Disarmament Committee will be debating about the topic of “Development and proliferation of lethal autonomous weapons”. As with all the committees, they have a set of questions which they are discussing: How do LAWs threaten international security? Are LAWs moral? Which solutions have been attempted in the past, and how successful have they been? How can solutions be implemented internationally?

Currently, they are writing up resolutions. France and the United Kingdom passed a resolution, a peace treaty, presented to Saudi Arabia and urges them to surrender their lethal autonomous weapons and to reduce their military budget as well as military capacity. The clause has been signed by numerous delegates of numerous countries. Overwhelming support for the clause allowed it to pass.

However, Saudi Arabia wishes to bomb all countries, fire all weapons, and then sign the treaty after using all weapons. A debate has sparked between Saudi Arabia and France, concerning the legality of firing the weapons before signing the resolution.

Saudi Arabia wanted to destroy all weapons or fire them all at the other countries before submitting them to be distributed to all EU countries and NATO countries. France argued that this violated the resolution and would lead to further harsher punishments for Saudi Arabia. Frances and UKs resolution passed after some hectic debate.

Following the creation of the resolution, the committee is voting on Superlatives such as “the best delegate”, “best-dressed delegate”, “most likely to become a dictator” and so on.

Seeing the students from the different school interact has been a great experience. One of the students from the French school thanked the committee for allowing her and her peers to improve on their English skills. Today has been a great day for students to interact with each other and learn more about MUN.