Pi Day with 7P


Overall, The Pi Day was a successful event for 7P. The class was divided into 2 teams: The GREEN team consisting of girls and The RED team consisting of boys.

We had printed different nature patterns, cut various shapes and had so much fun while doing it! When Pi Day had reached us, the Green team went to the library and started preparing for our kindergarteners to arrive. Although, something sudden had happened. The Red team was missing the student who was in charge of taking the equipment to the classroom. Fortunately, the Green team was nice and offered them some of their equipment and some space. This happened and was solved right before the kindergarteners arrived.

The children were very interested in these patterns so much, that some of them made their own patterns out of shapes! An example of these patterns is our yellow, furry, and little friend: Pikachu!

Although some children were very interested, some children didn’t want to continue making shapes any more after a few patterns. Instead of that, they began to read books. Even though this event was mathematical, it is good to see that the children liked reading and creativity during this hour.

The kinder students learned the names of the shapes, the forms of the shapes and how to make patterns out of shapes. The 7th graders learned how to communicate with smaller children effectively, how to be a good team member and some of the skills of organising. The two teams worked very hard to make this event successful and with a little help from each other, they achieved the goal of success! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well done, 7P! ๐Ÿ˜‰