Fund Raising Spirit Concert at SIS

To celebrate the beginning of SIS’s Spirit Fund, the school threw a huge concert with inspiring speeches and great music. The Johanneskyrkan church in front of the school’s main building was filled with students, parents and teachers as they gathered for the concert. The entrance hall greeted the guests with amazing artwork made by students. All the parents were very exited to see their kids perform. 

Being a part of the Senior Choir, I was very exited to enjoy the other groups and sing with my own. There was an amazing variety of talents ranging from different ages and backgrounds. It was such a wonderful thing to see so many people gathered to appretiate one another and sing together. All the performers were surprised to see so many people show up. It was truly an experience.  

The concert began with a background on SIS. The narrators guided the guests through the  concert with stories, reflections, and a good time. Many students said that they have never even heard of our schools past. Everyone was very amused and amazed with everything. 

The students who run the Nepal Project shared their experiences. They talked about how the project changed their lives and how it gave them a wider perspective of the world. Last year they went to the school in Nepal, and participated in fun activities with the teachers and students.

The MUN Students shared their upcoming events and what they have accomplished in the SIS MUN group.

There was a diversity of singing styles. One of the guest performers sang from a classic opera. The PTA choir which is made up of parents and teachers sang. There were guest performers from the Viktor Rydberg’s Choir, who were delighted to share their talent with our school. The boys choir group from our school performed I’m yours by Jason Mraz. We also saw  the very talented string group from our school perform Over the Rainbow. 

Our choir teacher, Ms. Kimberly, performed with her own group 3’s Company. They engaged the crowd by singing songs like Mamma Mia by ABBA and Sun and Moon form Miss Saigon.   

The concert was a big success and everyone had a great time. The concert showed how our school has many students with different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds, yet we all come together to share our similarities.