Getting off to a Good Start

The secretary general is responsible for coordinating the whole MUN conference. This year, Thabang R. has taken this role for SIS. There are more than 300 students participating in the conference and 120 students participating in the min MUN. Thabang says everything is under control, but he is still nervous. It’s the first time he’s been in charge of such a large event even though he has a lot of MUN experience. He also said that seeing the passion and motivation of delegates was exciting.

We are already getting reports that some committees are already about to put forward motions. One of the head chairs, Jan S. is leading the Economic and Financial Affairs Council. Their main issue is hyper inflation in Venezuela that is ongoing right now. Jan said Hyper inflation is the rise in price of goods due to decrease in the value of money in Venezuela but much severe than normal inflation. About 20 countries are represented by the students in this room. At the moment, Iran and South Africa have been leading the discussion. According to Jan, debate between those delegates is really intense, but they have not come to a resolution yet.

Jan S. Head Chair