A Warm Welcome



To start off this morning, we spoke a  teacher from Lorentz College, Robert, to get an insight into his thoughts about SISMUN.

QQ: There are many places where MUN conferences take place. What brought your students and you to SISMUN?

Robert: Every year, we go to different countries for MUN conferences. This year, our school was particularly interested in how schools in Sweden run MUN conference and thus, we decided to participate in SISMUN.

QQ: How many students have you brought along, and how are these students selected?

Robert: In our school, all students who participate in MUN have to join at least one MUN conference, and from there if students wish to participate in other conferences they can apply. This year we have 15 students in MUN, and  7 of them have joined us for SISMUN.

QQ: Yesterday, there was an opening ceremony. Have you talked to your students about the opening ceremony?

Robert: I have talked to some of my students. The opening ceremony took place in the auditorium in the Main Building and at first, most of my students were shocked because my students thought that the conference will take place in this auditorium. However, this misconception got cleared up today when they realised that the school has two other buildings.

QQ: Overall, what do you think about SIS MUN so far?

Robert: I have only been here for a few hours and I can already say that SIS has been very serious about this conference. Everything seems to be running smoothly and most importantly, my students have been welcomed here very warmly by both teachers and the students.

my students have been welcomed here very warmly”

— Robert