Resolutions are Rolling in

As the debate is nearing the end, resolutions are starting to roll in to the administration of SISMUN. You can feel the tension in the air as the Under Secretary General collects the resolutions and nominations for best delegates. Some resolutions are pages long and will need to be summarised whilst others are succinct and clear. The challenge now is to make sure everything comes together before students leave for lunch.

The chairs have done a great job even though for some of them, this is their first time. Thabang is coaching some chairs to make sure their resolutions will be acceptable. This is a great experience for all students who are possibly future diplomats. Students have become accustomed to using the formal language and avoiding personal pronouns.

Reports from some committees, where resolutions have already been reached, and the formal debate has ended, suggest that many are relieved and the atmosphere is lighter and less formal. There have even been reports of singing! Asking around we hear the following adjectives to describe today’s debate, fun, good, intense, great, fruitful, fantastic.