Digital Learning- A Revolution?


I’m sure none of you have missed the fact that school has transitioned to distance learning. Some of us are more excited about this than others as we are facing a big change with the transition to a digital learning programme. Thanks to the two-week quarantine rule, some of us have already gotten a taste of what it is like. We spoke to Johan in 11th grade who, after having visited northern Italy this sports break, was quarantined for two weeks and attended lessons online. He found it especially difficult with the video and sound quality on Google Meet. He mentioned that it was more difficult to stay on track with the content in some classes than others due to the teaching styles. Also, it was difficult to engage in discussions as he could not hear everyone and sometimes they couldn’t hear him either. However, he appreciated that the teachers were so supportive in light of the situation. But when he was asked the question “Could you see yourself following a digital learning for the rest of the year?”, the answer was a firm no. What do you think? Is the digital learning programme our future?