Zines instead of MUN? No, Thanks Says Grade 11!

Aaratrika and Kaitlyn found their way over to OPG to see what was going on over there.



While grades 6-10 are lit up with excitement about SISMUN, it appears the 11th grade is unsatisfied.

They have been working on zines since the morning as a replacement for MUN. These zines were meant to be a “creative outlet for the same topics”, according to one of the organizers. However; students see it as a “fifth-grade art and craft project.” Most believe that the zines, which are meant to last the whole school day, could have been done in two hours. When asked about the zine most were unable to answer. “We don’t really know what we are doing either” one student commented.

With taking away the original structure of MUN, the 11th graders experienced a loss of motivation. For most, the debate was the highlight of MUN. By taking that away much-lost motivation.

Hopefully next year, when and if the effects of covid have been reduced, next year’s 11th graders may continue to follow the original structure of MUN.