The Unexpected: A Valentine’s Story

Here is the long awaited story from one of the winners of the valentines short story competition, Simona Ruutel. It’s a story worth your time. Bring out the popcorn and enjoy the ride.


It’s another sunny day in Egypt. I stayed at the hotel the whole day as I have to go back home tomorrow. I woke up and got ready to go to the pool. There were a lot of good-looking guys. So many that I even got shy, but despite that, I put down my towel on one of the tanning beds and went for a cooling swim. When I came back, I saw a guy really close to my tanning bed. I was blushing. Despite all the guys at the pool, he caught my eye the most. There is something about him that just feels different. He has dark hair and facial hair that really suits him. Just like you see on those Instagram models, or even in movies the “mafia boss”. He has these dark brown eyes and muscular, slightly chocolatey skin that’s simmering while he is tanning. Eventually, he stood up and left. He didn’t even notice me. I have no chance. He is way too good to be true. Just like that, I continued my day. Still have him on my mind every minute. I don’t think it’s just a crush… I may just love him? Oh god. What is happening to me? I literally just met him. My heart is beating so fast when I see him at the hotel.

The day passed so fast that I barely noticed when it was time for Dinner. I do my makeup and hair, put on my beautiful red dress, and even put on my heels. As it is my last day, I decided to approach him and maybe get his number. I see him walking towards the Restaurant, so I walk a bit faster to catch up to him, hoping not to look like a stalker. Just before I tried to get his attention, a beautiful young lady pops up and kisses him on the cheek. I was in shock. Even devastated. How could I not assume that such a handsome man has a girlfriend? How stupid of me…of course, he has a girlfriend. I was so embarrassed that I just ran back to my room. My eyes were watery. I was sad the rest of the evening. I knew I looked soo dramatic so I just tried to get him out of my mind and closed my eyes.

It’s time to check out from the Hotel. I felt like I was awake the whole night, even though I fell asleep pretty quickly. Before I got in the taxi, I looked back. Somehow hoping to see him there. It does not make any sense though, because he doesn’t even know about my existence. Eventually, I board my flight and look out the window the whole time and think about how things could have been if he wouldn’t have a girlfriend. 

Ever since I tagged Egypt in a picture on Instagram, I’ve received many friend requests from the locals. They tend to DM me, and I always answer just to be nice. So I answered to another DM:


Unknown: Heyyy

Me: Hiiiiii

Unknown: How are youuuu?

Me: I’m good how are youuuu

Unknown: I’m so happy now that I’m talking to you

Me: hahah how come?

Unknown: The first time I saw you were at the hotel pool in Egypt. I sat next to you because I liked you so much that I told myself I’ll come and talk to you but unfortunately I think you left. I was sad but I searched for a long time. I swear I’ve never felt like that. When you left I even went to the reception to ask for your name but they wouldn’t give it to me. I later found out from one of the entertainers on your Instagram. 


IT WAS THE SAME GUY FROM THE HOTEL!!!!! I was sooo happy that I was screaming from happiness. We kept talking and I found out that the girl was his sister!!! I WAS EVEN HAPPIER!!!! We talked for months before we decided to meet up in France. After a week together in Paris, he proposed… Now we are happily married.