The ones who showed up will never see Humlegården the same way…

Joao reports on the ‘Trash Cleanup’, hosted by the Roots and Shoots Club, and how it impacted both the environment and the people.


Joao F.

SATURDAY, 17th of September – The ‘Trash Cleanup’ was from the start one of the most exciting events of the weekend. Organized by the Roots and Shoots Club, the meeting was a tremendous success, with almost thirty people showing up. The volunteers were PYP, MYP, and DP students, not to mention parents. But many other people from outside the school showed up as well (however, mostly for the fika). 

Even though Humlegården was remarkably clean that day (thank you Stockholm Stadt), the volunteers were able to pick up an enormous amount of trash. – There is no doubt that the clean-up made a difference, and not only in the parks’ appearance…

What’s been considered one of the most fun parts of the clean-up was the separation that happened after everyone was done. Impressively, many people stayed to help the organizers do the ugly job. And the ones who stayed said that it was worth it. 

While doing the separation of the trash we found that there was some rather “unusual” trash. Like champagne cups, and even a car battery. However, the part that I found the most interesting was the relation between some trash that we found. Were the three champagne cups and the champagne bottle from the same litterers for example? It was almost like we were doing a puzzle.

After the separation, everyone left, except the organizers and some of their colleagues and friends. These were the ones that finally removed the trash from the garden, and put it where it belongs: in the recycling bin.