Why Beginners for Snowboarding Have More Fun Than Beginners for Skiing

Are you a winter sports beginner? Read why Astor thinks Snowboarding might be better for you.


Astor T., Guest QQ Reporter

I have skied since I was probably four years old. I remember that when I was around that age, my family would drive up to Sälen, a skiing resort in northern Sweden. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much of the time there. I do however have a very clear memory of myself and many others lined up one after the other using a skiing technique called “The Pizza” to slow the speed at which you are going. Using this technique we would turn left and then right and continue repeating this all the way down the slope. At the bottom, my parents would be waiting for me while cheering me on.  

Nearly every year, my parents and I would go on skiing trips in Sweden. When I was around thirteen or fourteen I was on a skiing trip in Romme, Sweden. I had been watching some people snowboard around the mountain. The jumps, and tricks they did, made my eyes expand, and I wanted to challenge myself and try it. I had past experience skateboarding and according to the youtube videos, snowboarding isn’t much different. The following day, I rented a snowboard for a couple of hours and decided to put my all into it. My first initial thought when trying to put on the boots was “Wow, they are so much more comfortable and easy to put on compared to ski boots.” I progressed quite quickly and after the lifts closed, I had to call it quits. I left the ski resort with excitement and huge anticipation for the next time I could snowboard. I have continued to snowboard to this day and can confidently say that I enjoy snowboarding much more than skiing.

Firstly, snowboard boots are so much more comfortable. The ski boots are made out of hard plastic and the mechanics used to tighten the boots are often a struggle to work with. Secondly, after understanding the basics of snowboarding work, tricks, including spins, jumps, and grabs are easily accomplished within an hour of trying. However, it may take longer or even shorter time for others to complete a certain trick. It is generally easier for the body to twist, turn and bend using a snowboard compared to skis. When snowboarding, making the board turn will require you to use your combined leg power. Therefore making it relatively easy to turn the snowboard, whilst, with skiing, one must use the strength of an individual leg to turn one of the skis respectively. This may be a struggle for people who may not have very muscular legs, even though the ski’s length is relative to one’s body weight and height. Thirdly, snowboarders are less likely to sustain knee injuries compared to skiers. According to a 50/50 survey, 49% of injured snowboarders were beginners versus 18% of injured skiers were beginners, and the rest of the snowboarders and skiers were experienced.  17% of snowboarders were likely to sustain knee injuries and 39% of skiers were likely to sustain knee injuries. In this case, adults in their fifties and up may want to give snowboarding a try instead of skiing.

The winter season is coming up,  so next time you go on a skiing vacation, make sure to give snowboarding a try. I promise you will have an amazing time and you might even end up concluding your day feeling exceptionally satisfied with your accomplishments!