Disarmament Committee : Small Arms and Terrorism

Milou V., Editior

Weapons? Small illegal arms? What to do about them? How do we regulate them? These are questions that are being raised within the Disarmament Committees at todays SISMUN.

The purpose of the disarmament committee is to discuss the situation of the illegality of weapons in the Republic of Congo as well as Western Africa. Notably the committees have shied away from the weapon situation in the US. When asked, one committee member said that indeed, “it is a problem, also the delegation of the US is not here.”

The importance of the Disarmament committee lies in it solving the issues of illegal weapons globally. Delegates from the UK, Spain, China and Belgium were discussing a potential solution. They wished to stop the import of trade.

Emma V. chair of one of the Committees hoped that during todays session resolutions could be passed to solve the issue. When asked how this could change the world she replied that, ” it could decrease violence and make the world a safer place.” Resolutions passed in the committee could also decrease the rate of active terrorism within the world.

Delegates are all actively taking part in the debates. A point of interest that was also raised in the debates of the Disarmament committee was border control.  The disarmament committee is in the process of making a resolution which has been submitted by the delegation of Bolivia. The Delegation and the signatories believe that UN peacekeepers need to provide aid to Central African regions militaries in regard to border control. The delegations hope with this resolution to reduce weapon trafficking of small arms and light weapons.

The disarmament committee and many others are currently in the process of establishing resolutions. The QQ will update you on further resolutions.