MUN through the Eyes of the Delegates

Milou V., Editor

Standing in a small cluster by the lockers, other delegates still in their rooms. MUN is a busy and at times stressful day. Speaking to Kaat, Freya, Eva and Maria we gained a insider eye on what MUN is like for delegates.

MUN is a learning experiences for all students, although it is,  “stressful but also interesting.”  Eva also found that it was, “scary but fun.”

The students found though that everything was quite separated, not many international students from other schools were in their committees. The grade levels could also be more mixed. “It is a opportunity for us to get to know other people,” the girls found.

MUN is definitely growing bigger and bigger, perhaps we should hold it at an external venue? This question was raised during our interview, amongst other questions raised, delegates expressed that they had little time to prepare. There were some stressful moments for them as they had to prepare some opening speeches.

The delegates were all very positive about their experience of MUN so far, and are looking forward to proposing resolutions.