MUN : Crisises Introduced

There seem to be multiple crisis introduced by the undersecretary Sugar S.  to the committees. These are being introduced to keep the debates going and interesting. These crises keep the tension, and resemble the usefulness of having encyclopaedic knowledge. It simulates that in the UN everyone needs to be on their toes and be ready.

The WHO crisis has stopped, and the committee is revising clauses and resolutions.

The World Trade Organisation is facing a crisis of China embargoing Australia and America as prices on goods were raised. The delegates are currently trying to come up with resolutions, some are Pro-China embargo whilst others are not. This keeps the conference interesting and the delegates are very engaged with the topic.

The Human Rights council also seemed to be facing a crisis, a hostage situation. We asked delegates in Annex C about this, Connor H said, ” The crisis was fun,” we had a lot of debate. Every country was involved in the hostage situation which made it very entertaining.

The crisises have added an element of surprise to the conference and have made them enjoyable to everyone.