A Day to Celebrate – Graduation!

After a long and demanding two years, the 12th graders have graduated! On Monday afternoon, forty thrilled 12th graders came running down the main building steps to greet their families and celebrate their graduation. And a well deserved graduation at that!

Monday June 4th was a day of celebration for the 12th graders. Their day started out with a sweet and cozy grade breakfast. During the morning the 12th graders enjoyed a lunch with their teachers and peers for one last time. It was a lunch filled with emotions, laughs, speeches, friends and food! A very special way to say a last goodbye to IB DP class of 2018. After lunch, as a part of Swedish graduation traditions, all the students ran down the steps of the main building wearing their graduation clothes and caps. As they exited the building for the last time, they were heartily greeted by their excited and proud families. The students all took time to take photos and celebrate with their families before changing out of their graduation outfits to ride on the graduation bus. It was the perfect day for a great graduation. The 12th graders were then waved off by their families and celebrated their graduation as a whole grade.

Graduation is something all students, parents and teachers can look forward to. It an important moment in ones life: leaving your childhood behind and entering adulthood. Entering a world full of new possibilities with endless options! Many of our graduates are now preparing for the next steps in their lives: university and college! Having spent their past two years doing the IB program in SIS, they are more that capable of handling the pressures of university, and we know they will do great! We at the Quirky Quibbler, and the rest of the school, wish the 12th graders the best of luck and thank them for brighting up our school atmosphere for the past two years! Congratulations on graduating SIS class fo 2018!