Meet the New DP Coordinator


Mr. Ampuja took over as the Diploma Programme coordinator at SIS this year. The QQ interviewed him to find out about him and his plans in his new role.

How many years have you worked at this school?

4 years.

Which subjects do you teach?

DP Mathematics (standard), MYP Science and DP TOK.

Why did you take the job as the DP Coordinator?

To get this role, I took part in an application process. I applied mostly because the coordinators focus on the curriculum and that has always been a personal interest. It’s the basis for everything we do here. It includes how we see students as learners, goals. I have taken courses at the university, as a teacher I have always been interested in understanding the curriculum and being a coordinator fits well with this.

What is your role as the DP Coordinator?

For students and parents, the basic part is to inform about the requirements of the program, what it means to be a DP student, and make sure that they are aware of the practical requirements. I also take care of final exams and make sure we implement the IB program as it should be, developing the curriculum continuously.

What were your expectations for taking the position as a coordinator? Were these expectations met?

Yes, I expected they would be administrative work and also that I would have a chance with the other teachers to engage and develop the school, our teaching and learning here. I think I had a realistic idea about what this job is about. However, you will always be surprised by the smaller practical tasks.

What personal goals do you have for this school year in your role?

I want to learn as much as I can in this role, and also make sure we stay in a good place we are at right now. It is mostly a learning year for me as it is my first year in this position.

What do you want to achieve for the DP in this school year?

As it is my first year, I have mostly set personal goals for learning, I want to develop a very good relationship between students and teachers. Also, good working relationships with everyone here as a coordinator. I want to establish good communication and an open environment so that students and teachers feel that it is easy to talk to me. It is important to adapt to the changes that the IB is currently making.

Are you planning on making any changes to previous years? If so, how do you plan on making these changes?

At this point, no, because we already have a very well established program. However, the DP updates the curriculum and add changes, so I have to make sure these changes happen. There is always something we can improve, even if we are in a good place. We will see when I have learned enough about the role, what I can give to the school and what my contribution can do to take us further than we are now.

Do you have any long term plans for the DP?

It’s what we have already been. We are a program. Thriving, and always engage in critical engagement, but always ask what we can do better. No major changes coming right now.