Lively and Energetic Atmosphere


MUN chairs: Saga and Dennis

During the first morning break, the atmosphere was lively and energetic. This was a great opportunity for us to interact with some of the MUN chairs and do a small interview with them about the current activity in their committee.

When speaking to Saga and Dennis in DISEC 1, they mentioned that even though the current debates have been slow, they hope that the delegates will engage more in making of resolutions in the next session before lunch.

Also, the chairs will soon be introducing a crisis scenario that might stir up the debate and inspire new interesting viewpoints.

We also interviewed Alice and Yohan from UNEP, who are chairing for the first time. They are discussing the issue of deforestation, specifically in the Amazon Rainforest. According to WWF, 17% of the rainforest has disappeared, so this is a particularly relevant issue.

To see the interviews and some of the highlights of today’s conference, there will be a video coming out soon, so make sure to check the QQ next week!