Art that Impresses and Intrigues

This week, the 12th grade visual art students had the chance to showcase the pieces they have been working hard on for the past year and a half at the DP Arts Exhibition. There were a lot of unique and creative works being displayed and we were excited to hear more about their inspiration as well as their process in creating the final artworks.

For this exhibition, each student had chosen a theme that they incorporated into each of the artworks they had made throughout the year. It was interesting to see how some had taken a very specific area of their theme and it was clear to see, whilst other’s themes were not as visible and you had to understand the meaning behind the work to know how it fit in with the theme and the other artworks.

One of the 12th grade artists, Sofie Torp, had chosen a theme of ‘design’ which she connected to each one of her final works, even though they were all varied in style and medium. She had made a model and photographs connected to architecture, paintings inspired by the Pop Art and Modernist movements and even a pair of jeans which she designed using ideas from modern fashion brands. Her theme even connected to her future aspirations as she is interested in studying further and working with something to do with design.

Overall, the exhibition was successful and we were impressed by the unique and interesting artworks that were displayed.

Thank you and congratulations to the students of the 12th grade Visual Arts class at the exhibition:

Daniel FB; Yu F (Angelina); Thanatcha P; Anton W; Xue R (Larry); Sofie T and of course Ms Turner for putting the whole exhibition together!