Crazy Stuff to do During Quarantine!

Many of us are getting tired of being at home so we asked QQ reporter Junheok to see if he could come up with a few crazy ideas about what to do to make quarantine more interesting.

Are you guys enjoying your life at quarantine?

I thought focusing on schoolwork would be the most difficult challenge. However, finding stuff to do during quarantine has become the biggest challenge for me. I have come up with some crazy ideas about what to do during quarantine so students like me who are trying to make good memories of quarantine can get some help!

Try to stay on your bed for 24 hours straight!

If you already spend most of the day in your bed, why not spend the whole day in your bed? It sounds really boring, but there is so much stuff to do while laying on your bed. For example, finish the whole series of Netflix, watch a movie, play a video game, or just sleep. But doing it every day isn’t very healthy for your health.

Climb your table.

Many of you will not understand what I mean by this. I will make it clear for you guys. Yes. Climb your table. If you are still not sure, there is a youtube video about it, and you can watch it here. I actually found this as quite entertaining and also good for your body, because this can be a type of exercise you can do at home when you can’t go outside and workout.

Refer to Rapunzel from the movie ‘Tangled’.

Rapunzel spent most of her life in her house, so she worked out a lot of stuff to do when you’re stuck in one place. She has her list in the form of music, and you can listen to it here. According to Rapunzel, you can read a series of books, clean your house, play instruments, or draw a painting.

For some people, quarantine can be the worst part of their life, but for other people who have a lot of stuff to do, quarantine might be the best part of their life.  I hope if students in SIS can have wonderful times during the quarantine with the help of this article. But the most important thing about this quarantine is not to get unhealthy. Maybe go outside and walk for a bit.