MUN 2023 at SIS

Read about SIS MUN from our very own in-house expert Tess L.


Each year SIS hosts a MUN (Model United Nations) conference for their students in grades 6-12. This year, the conference will be held on Friday, February 3rd. So, what is MUN all about? What are the topics being discussed at this year’s conference? And what makes a good delegate? All questions will be answered in this quick summary of what is happening on Friday. 

What is MUN? 

MUN is a part of our enrichment program at SIS. A MUN conference is an opportunity for students to practice their debate and public speaking. A conference is, in simple terms, a simulation of a United Nations conference where each student takes on the role of representing a country while a specific topic. The student has to research and address certain issues from their assigned country’s perspective in order to reach the optimum goal of the conference, which is to make a resolution (a “solution” that consists of certain policies) with the other committees present. The conference, held each year at SIS, is a great way of bringing together students across all grade levels as well as providing students with a set of skills that will help them with their future school and work life; public speaking, researching, communication, debate, and teamwork.

What topics will be the focus of this year’s conference? 

Our MUN team at SIS has worked very hard since the previous term to try and create an amazing conference for all the students involved. They have also picked some great, relevant topics for our delegates to debate and discuss. The topics the students in grades 8-11 will be working with this year are; LGBTQIA+ rights in Africa, the opioid epidemic, and the future of the Arctic Sea. When it comes to our 6th and 7th graders who are participating in “mini MUN ” the topics selected are; The gross disease we get but can’t catch – Non-Communicable Diseases and Frozen Beauty – Antarctica. We are all very excited to see the resolutions that will be created throughout this conference. 

What makes a great MUN delegate? 

So, finally, what should a student do to be a great MUN delegate? I have been active in MUN for around 5 years so here are some of the best tips from my own personal experiences; 

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak! It can be nerve-wracking being in a room full of people and having to deliver speeches. However, remember that a conference is just meant for each student to try their best and most importantly have fun. The idea of MUN is not to make students scared to speak and address issues but instead, MUN is meant to be a great learning experience.
  2. Be well-researched beforehand. One of my best tips for a delegate is to be prepared in terms of research. The day will be a lot more enjoyable if you know what you are discussing and are able to actively participate. 
  3. Ask questions if needed. MUN consists of many terms and rules that may be new to some students, so I am here to remind you that it is absolutely okay to ask questions if you ever need clarification on what is going on within a conference. Remember, the day is meant to be beneficial and informative, and we want you to learn through this experience. There will be experts (called “chairs”) in the room of your conference who will be ready to answer your questions regarding the process of MUN. 

We hope all students in grades 6-12 have an amazing MUN day on Friday!