Battle of the resolutions!


Resolutions MUN sat 4th Feb 2023

Submitters: Egypt and Afghanistan

Signatories: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran

The goal is to prevent western countries from pushing their agenda on other countries. They allow and encourage all cultures which support male-advocated juvenescence and mature conjugal associations.


Submitters: India and Bangladesh

Signatories: Pakistan, Iran, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Egypt, Iraq, Sri lanka, UAE, USA

The resolution looks for financial investments as a means to offer economic stability to developing countries and therefore allow them to work towards zero child marriage.


Submitters: Iraq, UAE

Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Niger,  Russia, Switzerland, Philippines, China, Sweden, Pakistan

The resolution is a friendly approach to ending child marriage. The delegates’ belief is that more laws won’t help and it’s time to look towards first creating economic stability, the lower rates of child marriage will follow.


Submitters: Niger, Philippines

Signatories: Nepal, Bangladesh,

The goal of the resolution is to further expand 2nd and higher education through LEDCS (Lower Economically Developed Countries), as well as looking to provide sexual education and strengthen the economy.


Submitters: France, Russia, Germany

Signatories: Sweden China Switzerland, USA, Pakistan

The resolution is looking to protect children from being forced into child marriage, they are willing to support developing countries financially.


Due to time constraints, only two resolutions could be debated, therefore after a vote, it was decided that India and Bangladesh’s resolution would go forward to a debate. The second resolution would be a merger of the resolutions from the Philippines, Niger, France, UAE, Iraq, and Russia.