The Battle for a Resolution has Come to an End

Model United Nations on the last day. It is not easy to come to an agreement even when you are role playing.


After a lengthy and detailed debate on the final resolution, the delegates have come to an agreement, well sort of.

Resolution 1:

The delegates of Niger and the Philippines make an incredible argument against the resolution submitted by the delegates of India and Bangladesh, stating vagueness as the main source of the problem;

“You mention supplies, what supplies? You say higher education, to what extent? Where is all this information?” The delegate of Niger powerfully expressed.

“The lacklustre view on the importance of details is the grounds for inadequacy in this resolution” – delegate of Philipines.

Both India and Bangladesh defended the resolution stating that they agreed with the overall lack of detail, however, accredited it to the time constraint.

As a whole, the resolution was denied.

Resolution 2:

When debating the delegates repeatedly went into disarray as amendments were being denied, passed, and even vetoed. Specifically, the delegates of  Egypt and Afghanistan were firmly for entertaining an amendment that sought to make the resolution only applicable to countries, starting with the word Saint and ending with the word Lucia, this was denied by the chairs.

In the end, the resolution passed.