Madness in B4


With the first session of the day coming to a close, I got the chance to check in with 7p as they warm up for their real debate on the topic of Non-Communicable Diseases.  They were practicing their skills with a non-formal debate on which fast food chain was better, as well as assigning various ‘punishments’ to delegates around the room. The delegates were extremely involved and all their nerves were seemingly gone.

It was straight out of a TV drama with delegates turning against their chairs and unanimously voting to make their three chairs dance to ‘Waka Waka’ by Shakira. If that wasn’t enough delegates of the United Kingdom and Mali faced their own punishment.

The class debated about what the ‘punishment should be and eventually settled on making them reenact an iconic movie scene from the movie Titanic. Their beautiful performance was followed by the entire group singing ‘Dance Monkey’ and the delegate of China leading them on.

“I would rather face physical torture than sing karaoke,” said the delegate of the UK.

With the class going into the real debate we’ll see if they are still as excited and confident. Who knows maybe by the end of the day the delegates will have taken over.