Tension High in A6


The unmoderated caucus started with alliances forming between the delegates from power countries France, United kingdom and India bonded by their belief of legalising LGBTQ+ rights in Africa. However, delegates from the African countries such as Egypt became a strong enemy force for the alliance with its belief of not legalising LGBTQ+ rights in Africa.

The room was filled with focused delegates ready to support their claim. Factual points were made such as these:

“There should be the discussion of freedom of also not accepting foreign beliefs ” – ┬ádelegate of Uganda.

“Inflicting LGBTQ+ rights in Africa is similar to colonialism”- delegate of Egypt.

“Not legalising LGBTQ+ rights in African is oppression to the few who want to be themselves” – delegate of the UK.

As you can see the delegates are fully prepared to convey their countries’ points of view.

The day has just began yet an exciting atmosphere has already been created by our dedicated SIS students.