“Legalise It!” Rises Tensions in OPG 7

The discussion could be heard from every room in OPG. As an unusual proposal, in part set by a QQ reporter, caused frenzy in the room.


These three delegates were at the centre of the discussion.

MUN let’s SIS students debate different perspectives, by defending them or by arguing against them.


Asked what is the most original and possibly effective proposal on how to solve the opioid and drug epidemic, the delegate of Turkey on OPG 7 said that “blowing everything up and straight decriminalising drugs” are solutions that should be taken seriously.

This set out a very heated debate in the room, the Turkish delegate defended his point by saying that “if you decriminalise drugs, crime will go down, and happiness will go up.” Simple(?). The Pakistani and German delegates protested, saying that this was an epidemic and that such a policy would make overdoses and addiction soar. Thankfully, for the Turkish delegate, the Russia and Sweden delegations came to his defence.

What started as a joke turned into a serious resolution called ‘Legalise It’, which is strange, as opioids such as Oxycontin for example are legal everywhere on Earth. The German delegate lamented this resolution saying that “it sounds like you’re just trying to kill everyone”.