Talking With The General Secretary of SISMUN.


Chairs at work

Sophie H., the Secretary General  of SISMUN, talked about this year’s delegates  and some of the difficulties she has had to deal with.

Sophie believes that this years’ SISMUN has gone well. She says the chairs are doing great, and the delegates are also trying to be engaged. She has had to manage a few problems during morning registrations and introductions. There was an issue with checking that everyone was in the right place but it was all sorted in the end.  Other than that, she said it’s going quite well. 

There was a small disagreement between the some chairs in deciding who will get the two best delegate awards in one of the  three chair  committee. The chairs were finding it hard to distinguish the two best delegates who participated in the committee. The chairs of each committee must choose 2 people as the best participants based on their performances in the morning.  In once committee the 3 chairs found it hard to reach and agreement as they wanted to nominate 3 people instead of 2.  Sophie had to mediate with the chairs to get the help them decide 2 of the 3 would get the award. She listened to their points and helped them come to a consensus.