Is There a Future For the Arctic?

After the pessimism in the morning the “Future of the Arctic” conference decided on a resolution.


In one of the last debates of the day, a broad and hopefully effective resolution was passed.

According to the resolution that was approved in OPG 13, the Arctic Council may be expanded, through a proposal made by the United States of America. This is because the country wants this organisation to be a “means for promoting cooperation, coordination, and interaction between Arctic nations.”

The delegation of the Russian Federation strongly opposed this amendment in a very eloquent speech where it questioned the legitimacy of the Arctic Council has an organisation. Russia favours a more laissez-faire approach to the occupation of the Arctic, where each country will occupy the territory according to its ability.

The United Kingdom opened a discussion on exclusive economic zones (EEZ), due to its fears of extraction of resources and military drills in the area.

It is also going to be created an Arctic Fishing Committee, which is poised to regulate operations of that sort in the Arctic territory.

The resolution also included a call “for global attention to reduce carbon emissions, especially encouraging the replacement of non-renewable energy with renewable energy”