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Undersecretary Generals Reflect on SISMUN 2024
Undersecretary Generals Reflect on SISMUN 2024
Selin T. and Sreelehya M.

David N. David has been a part of MUN since 8th grade when he first joined this school. He decided to aim for a position as a board member...

How does it feel to be multilingual?
How does it feel to be multilingual?
Sara A., Reporter

Qu'est-ce que ça fait d'être multilingue ? Personnellement, je suis Marocaine, mais j’ai grandi dans le système scolaire français, mais...

Reporters Bruno R. and Laura Z.
Multingualism Rules
Bruno R. and Laura Z.

The fleeting sun - the final winner (Captured by Lina (10C))
We finally have a winner for the QQ Photo Comp!
Noémie Littfass, PR

Congratulations to Lina (10C), for her picture capturing the magnificent ‘Fleeting Sun’. Her photograph truly caught the attention of many...

Kinship through Multilingualism
Kinship through Multilingualism
Noah R., Reporter

French Parler plusieurs langues différentes me permet de faire plusieurs choses. Premièrement, cela me permet de me sentir plus à l'aise...

Resuming the SIS MUN Event

Delegates return from lunch, preparing for the final phase of the SIS MUN 2024 event
Noel C.

As the delegates come back from their lunch break, the SIS MUN event continues with everyone preparing to give their last few speeches. The MiniMUN delegates are preparing slides to present their concluding points on their respective topics. The Water Sanitation and Sustainable Energy committees are carrying out the general assemblies with delegates collaboratively developing arguments in support or against the final topic and question. With this, the SIS MUN event is slowly coming to an end as the closing ceremony is approaching. 


  • MiniMUN students were taking things easy as they prepared slides to present their final points while helping one another.
  • The MUN communities were proceeding with the general assembly and took it more seriously. 
  • As the debate is slowly wrapping up, more names are being added to the punishment list as some delegates aren’t as engrossed with the general assembly and are not following the protocols.
  • In order to keep the participants engaged and have some fun, chair members encouraged delegates to make more submissions for the gossip box, suggesting that more positive comments be made.

Last minutes

  • As the notes delegates initially wrote in the gossip box were read aloud, laughter took over the rooms and the busy day ended with funny comments. However, a few notes remained private as they could not be read aloud.
  • Before concluding the event, the punishment list was read out and students were asked to stick around until they faced the consequences of not following the rules. The punishments included karaoke and dancing to Macarena.

That was it for the SIS MUN event of 2024. As we say goodbye to this year’s MUN, we’re already looking forward to next year’s opportunity to take on global issues and engage in meaningful debates together. Until then, let the memories of today remind us how important it is to talk, to share, and have the opportunity to express our own views and our solutions to these global problems.

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