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Record Store Day 2024
Record Store Day 2024
Juliette D., Reporter

This coming Saturday (April 20th), Record Store Day is being celebrated in independent record stores worldwide. Although this celebration has...

An Accomplished Array of Art at the House's Exhibition
Juliette D., Reporter

An Art Exhibition was hosted at Norra Latin by the house system in collaboration with the Arts department to showcase SIS’s incredible array...

Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Naz T. and Irene F.

Mrs Jain has always had an affinity for mathematics and sciences, particularly because of her exposure to chemistry and maths through her father,...

Battle of the Spidermen
Emry P., Editor/Reporter

Garfield? Maguire? Holland? Or Moore? Across 10 Spiderman films, including one nostalgic crossover introducing the multiverse packed with Tobey...

Photo Comp Poster
Jumping into Spring Photo Comp
Noémie L, Competition Editor

Is it just me or are we starting to see light again in the streets of Stockholm? Lately the days have started getting longer, even the first...

The New SISMUN Board

Noel C.

The MUN board has changed this year, as Grade 11s have taken over, replacing the previous Grade 12 board members. The QQ has carried out interviews with 3 SIS MUN members, however, there are 3 members left for us to introduce to you. Here is what we learned about them:


Noah – Under Secretary 

This is Noah’s third year partaking in MUN at SIS, however, he was also part of it in his past school. He first joined because of his interest in politics and debating, as well as how much it helps in other courses, like Geography for instance. From this, he’s learned so much about debating techniques and how to showcase his viewpoint. The highlight of his MUN journey is the 2023 Saturday SISMUN when he represented Egypt in a debate about child marriage. He now has a position as an Under Secretary which he wants to use to make SIS conferences more enjoyable and organized and potentially bring other schools to SISMUN. Additionally, being one of the people with the most SISMUN experience, he has a deeper understanding of how the conferences previously worked and can change them for the better. 

Kate – Mini-MUN Under Secretary 

Kate is new to SIS this year as well as to MUN. She joined as a chair at the beginning of this school year and has successfully gotten a role as a Mini-MUN Under Secretary. The novelty of MUN is what appealed to her the most, as well as the chance to gain a leadership role which doubles as service for CAS and something to show universities. Since the beginning of the year, she has acquired newfound knowledge about the difficulties and the benefits of collaboration along with the importance of clear communication in collaborative settings. Being a board member comes with having a form of control over the changes coming next year, and to Kate, the most appealing one is the international conference.

Maria – Mini-MUN Under Secretary 

Maria has been in MUN for over 6 years, yet only for three months at SIS, this is why she thinks her novelty makes her an interesting point of view to bring to the board. Her brother first introduced her to MUN, because of how much he enjoyed it, so she joined and he taught her how to build up arguments. From there on she has developed her public speaking skills and her ability to understand current situations and how she can contribute to the world we live in in her own way. She has had an MUN trip to the US Senate, which she was hesitant about at first due to the topic, but she ended up learning a lot about gun violence and she now carries a lot more knowledge about debating from that trip. It is with this knowledge from outside of SIS that she wants to develop SISMUN. She is striving to give the lower grades more freedom in their debate topics and increase their confidence in debating. 


The Board : 

Secretary General – Aaryan Budhwar

Under Secretaries – David Lubin, Nick Budampati, Noah Ringskog 

Mini-MUN Under Secretaries – Maria Reyes, Kate Lenahan

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