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Record Store Day 2024
Record Store Day 2024
Juliette D., Reporter

This coming Saturday (April 20th), Record Store Day is being celebrated in independent record stores worldwide. Although this celebration has...

An Accomplished Array of Art at the House's Exhibition
Juliette D., Reporter

An Art Exhibition was hosted at Norra Latin by the house system in collaboration with the Arts department to showcase SIS’s incredible array...

Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Naz T. and Irene F.

Mrs Jain has always had an affinity for mathematics and sciences, particularly because of her exposure to chemistry and maths through her father,...

Battle of the Spidermen
Emry P., Editor/Reporter

Garfield? Maguire? Holland? Or Moore? Across 10 Spiderman films, including one nostalgic crossover introducing the multiverse packed with Tobey...

Photo Comp Poster
Jumping into Spring Photo Comp
Noémie L, Competition Editor

Is it just me or are we starting to see light again in the streets of Stockholm? Lately the days have started getting longer, even the first...

Undersecretary Generals Reflect on SISMUN 2024

Following up on SISMUN, Selin and Sreelehya interviewed 2 of undersecretary generalsresponsible for this year’s successful conference.

David N.

David has been a part of MUN since 8th grade when he first joined this school. He decided to aim for a position as a board member after chairing for last year’s SISMUN conference. He thought of this as a fun opportunity to become more involved in school activities as he feels that the school does not offer many clubs.

In 11th grade, after his chairing session, David applied for the position of board member. As part of this process he had to give a speech.  Students wishing to be on the board present their speeches and then students vote to choose the board members for next year’s MUN.

David also felt that even though this year’s SISMUN conference went well, they faced some problems regarding absences. He believes that students may feel pressured to attend the conference, and as a result, might not enjoy it as much. It’s hard to be a part of an MUN conference when you don’t really want to be there. Nonetheless, he thinks that this year’s SISMUN was pretty good and believes that the topics were explored thoroughly as a lot of effort went into researching.

Pontus L.

Pontus’s journey with MUN dates back to grade 8, where his passion for the activity ignited. Reflecting on his motivation to become a board member, he said, “I’ve always enjoyed MUN, and I felt I could contribute more by helping my board members and organising events. With my experience, I believed I could enhance the SISMUN experience for everyone, and achieving it together was truly rewarding”. 

When asked about the process of attaining his position, he explained that it involved an election by last year’s  board members who recognized his potential and entrusted him with his role.

Challenges are inevitable in any leadership position, and Pontus mentioned that organising time and collaborating with the team were significant challenges. Additionally, ensuring commitment from all members was difficult at times. However, he also mentioned “our strong team dynamic helped us overcome these obstacles”.

Despite the challenges, Pontus expressed immense satisfaction with his role as a board member. “It’s been a mix of fun and hard work, but our cohesive team made it incredibly rewarding. From developing a website to mentoring younger members, every experience has been enriching,” he remarked.

Looking ahead, he also seems to eagerly anticipate welcoming new board members into the fold. “Meeting the new members brings a sense of excitement but there’s something definitely challenging for the new board members as they might also include international conferences,” he shared.

In conclusion, he extended an invitation to fellow students, highlighting the enriching nature of MUN participation.

I recommend joining the MUN group as it’s very enriching both to develop your social and leadership skills. 

— Pontus L.

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