Gossip Box


UNEP Committee

In the last minutes before lunch, final resolutions were formed and today’s debates came to an end. The delegates in UNEP 2, who were discussing deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, managed to get a unanimous vote to pass a resolution that MEDC’s should help Brazil in funding to stop the forest fires, as well as pass strict laws and policies surrounding this issue.

Once the resolution had been passed, the committee opened their Gossip Box, where the delegates anonymously submitted any opinions that they had. These were some of the notes that were submitted:

“China is hot, America is a try-hard.”

“Brazil is problematic.”

“The delegate of Brazil has nice eyelashes.”

“This school is pretty swag tho. Too bad my school can’t even afford pencils.”

In ECOFIN 1, they had a similar activity where they got to anonymously vote for other delegate’s for different questions:

Most likely to destroy the world? – Iran

Most likely to become a couple? – South Africa and Iran

Best voice/accent? – South Africa

Most likely to stab you in the back? – North Korea

This was a fun activity to end the debates with; now we approach the end of the day with an assembly at ABF-huset!