What’s going on in Annex C?

Chairs for financial flow of Africa

What’s going on over in annex C? The 9th and 10th graders have been discussing a wide range of topics, from the situation in Afghanistan and financial flows to Africa, to aging populations. Since the 10th graders are the oldest students debating and most experienced, we noticed the students were well prepared with discussions that were fruitful. The chairs also maintained a formal and professional atmosphere.

“There was a lot of arguing going on in my committee,” said a 10th grader. “I felt prepared but later realized I had no idea I had to make an opening speech.”

“COVID had cancelled several previous MUN events, which made this one even more important.”

The language barrier also added an extra challenge to many students.

The 9th graders, on the other hand, were a small group with more hesitant discussion and more prompting needed from the chairs. “I felt mostly prepared, but still nervous going in,” said a 9th grader. 

“It was confusing at first, but as we kept going I got a better idea of what to do,” explained another student. “The discussions were interesting and I learned a lot of new things.”

Chairing older grades seemed to entail a different experience from the younger ones.

“We got a good flow going and it went well.” One chair said the experienced students in her committee were all on one side of the argument, creating difficulties in keeping a strong debate going.”

You’re never actually prepared

— Delegate