“The Arctic Cannot Be Saved”

“The Arctic will disappear, there is nothing we can do about it.”


OPG 13, The Future(?) of the Arctic

That was the conclusion here in OPG 13 today, in the Arctic discussion.

The QQ came down there during an unmoderated caucus and asked one of the chairs what was the perspective of the delegations in regards to the “Future of the Arctic”, the chair said that most of the delegations believe that the Arctic cannot be saved.

The QQ spoke to many delegates to fact-check this, and the statements were clear:


“The Arctic will disappear, can’t do nothing about it.”

Delegate of China

“We can just slow it down, through nuclear power.”

Delegate of Russia

“It’s gone.”

Delegate of Singapore


Aside from that, the delegation of Sweden told the conference on how the country is trying to do its part by investing in green forms of energy and expanding its sustainability network. Russia accused the nation from being insincere in its efforts to combat climate change due to the closing of nuclear power plants in recent years.