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The Quirky Quibbler

Record Store Day 2024
Record Store Day 2024
Juliette D., Reporter

This coming Saturday (April 20th), Record Store Day is being celebrated in independent record stores worldwide. Although this celebration has...

An Accomplished Array of Art at the House's Exhibition
Juliette D., Reporter

An Art Exhibition was hosted at Norra Latin by the house system in collaboration with the Arts department to showcase SIS’s incredible array...

Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Women in STEM - part 2 - Mrs Jain
Naz T. and Irene F.

Mrs Jain has always had an affinity for mathematics and sciences, particularly because of her exposure to chemistry and maths through her father,...

Battle of the Spidermen
Emry P., Editor/Reporter

Garfield? Maguire? Holland? Or Moore? Across 10 Spiderman films, including one nostalgic crossover introducing the multiverse packed with Tobey...

Photo Comp Poster
Jumping into Spring Photo Comp
Noémie L, Competition Editor

Is it just me or are we starting to see light again in the streets of Stockholm? Lately the days have started getting longer, even the first...

Pizza V.S. Burgers heats up mini-MUN

7th grade mini-MUN
Noel C.
Adam and Miki

In room 312, no longer than 5 minutes after the roll call, the seventh-grade class was already debating. To warm up the class, the chairs, Adam, Miki, and Elni, created a gossip box and started a casual debate to learn the procedures. 

The students decided on Pizza v.s. Burgers which started as a very controversial topic. Starting off with a speakers list, each country shared their stance; the USA very much cared for the nutritional values whereas Brazil was interested in the toppings. In a moderated caucus, India linked this topic to the main one, Diets and Digestion, and Australia claimed pizza can have more toppings than burgers. Moving forward, they had a 15-minute unmoderated caucus which resulted in a unanimous vote for pizza. What was discussed, we’ll never know, but they were surely persuasive. 

During a short break in which the delegations transitioned to the central debate, the gossip box was opened. Throughout the first 40 minutes, delegates had the opportunity to write anonymous messages which were placed in a highly confidential, super secure computer case, placed at the chairs’ table. Compelling messages like ‘Ban burgers & promote pizza’ or “The delegation of Canada had to dance in front of everyone and sing ‘Let It Go’” and —- has a crush on one of the Brazilian delegates’ were unveiled. 

After this lighthearted pause from mini-MUN, students went back to work and opened the speaker list for their opening speeches. They had been prepared in Science class, the topic being ‘Non-Communicable diseases and their impact‘, which allowed for very well-versed speeches. This afternoon we’ll be able to see posters created from the resolutions, a new change for this year. A heated debate about responses to diseases like Osteoporosis, Diabetes, and Obesity can be expected today! 

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