MUN – Behind the scenes with Ms Khan – MUN coordinator

With the SISMUN coming up this week, it is going to be a busy, yet fun and exciting week for SIS students. The Quirky Quibbler is planning to write articles all week. Our first is an interview with the coordinator.


Finally, there are only a few days left until the SISMUN, on the 31st of January. As it is such an iconic event at our school, The Quirky Quibbler decided to interview some of the people in SISMUN to find out what’s going on. We interviewed Ms. Khan, who is newly in charge of SISMUN this year and see what her thoughts are on this important occasion. 

QQ: I have heard that it is your first time in charge of SISMUN. Are there any special features that are newly introduced this year?

Ms. Khan: A new feature is that everyone, students from grade 6 to grade 10, is working on MUN. Everyone’s either doing delegate, chair or helping as a staff. Also, grade 11 is especially working on MUN in advisory class. 

QQ: It’s great to hear that everyone is taking part in SISMUN. Since it is your first time in charge, there must be a lot of things that you are excited about. What is it?

Ms. Khan: To see the debates from students and the diverse range of topics we have. It will be great to see all the SIS students participating and even debate with guests from other schools. Also, it’s good to see new people without MUN experience participating such as chairs.

QQ: I’m also very excited as well. Since this is such a big event, were there any difficulties during the planning process so far? What were they?

Ms. Khan: Even though it is a tough task, I haven’t run into so many major difficulties so far. This is because everyone pitched in. Everyone was communicating and we were planning things. I think everyone took responsibility for what they are doing and lots of people are helping out including the school admin team, teachers and most importantly students. That has made it easier than expected.

QQ: It is amazing how everyone is cooperating and helping out. Finally, what are your main goals for this year’s SISMUN? What kind of attitude to you hope to see from SIS students?

Ms. Khan: I want them to be positive, engaged mostly and I would like to get something out of it. From chairs to delegates, I want everyone’s confidence to increase to public speaking, debate and not be afraid of it. That is my main goal. 

QQ: I agree that these kinds of experiences will be very helpful for students. Thank you very much for today’s interview! I am really looking forward to the SISMUN.

Ms. Khan: Thank you!